Clearwater Homes Real Estate Market Currently Outpaces A Lot Of Other Places

The upcoming few months will be pretty important for ascertaining the sturdiness and steadiness for the Clearwater homes and Pinellas County real estate market.

We have seen good sales the last few months but I’m beginning to see a minor slowdown and it is unclear at this point whether it’s simply the normal change which occurs when we start to enter summertime.. It isn’t uncommon to experience some decline this time of the year — Mar thru May are usually the strongest buying months.

I wasn’t confident that May was going to be as good as March and April were this year, having been the two best months of sales looking all the way back to January 2007, but despite the fact that there was clearly a visible decline from the range in March and Apr it was still above last May (and every May back through ’07) and was the 3rd highest month of residential real estate sales in Pinellas County and Clearwater homes in more than four years.

This is significant as this year there wasn’t any tax credit to elevate sales and the three Spring season months this year nevertheless ended up above the exact same months last year while the tax credit boost to the housing market was in fact having its peak.

Here’s what the graph looks like now (2011 is the orange lines):

I recognize I’ve said this for the last couple of months and ended up being incorrect, however organic beef potentially experience a slowing this next month. I’ve noticed some slowing in the market lately but can not tell yet whether or not it is the usual change while we head into summer time or perhaps an overall slowing. I watched something very similar in early February and one or even two of the other months this current year but it turned out that the total sales at the end of the month were still up.

So we will have to simply wait till June is over to see what the results are.


About Ron Nedd

I am a Realtor who helps buyers and sellers in the Los Angeles areas of Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills and nearby areas. I had 12 years of experience helping hundreds of clients and customers with selling and buying in the Tampa Bay area before returning to the Los Angeles area.
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